Day out turns into rescuing crabs!!

Our last outing had a very nice note, when we saw a mass of ropes, we could not resist taking it out of the sea and the children enjoyed discovering and saving crabs!


ruben y leticia

6/20/20231 min read

Yesterday we had a very nice little group wanting to have a good time,

Beautiful day and good sea, on the way back, the captain maneuvrable to pick up a ball of ropes

And to the children's surprise, it was full of life

They not only contributed to cleaning the sea,

But they saved many crabs and were able to investigate the life that had gathered in

this small, improvised ecosystem!

And you what do you expect of your holidays ?

I love outings like that!

Friends who come to close their chapter on the island

For travellers like me and Ruben, is absolutely easy to empathize about these crucial moments in life.

Having those last unforgettable moments before moving on to another chapter of their lives and being part of them is an honour.

It is wonderful to be able to share these special moments with people and see how they say goodbye to this stage full of memories.

The island has witnessed their friendship and now they are ready to face new challenges and adventures.

I am grateful to have been part of your lives for a while and I wish you all the best in your next chapter.

May your paths be full of happiness and success!

For us, is not only a trip,

is a true moment that we share with you and yours,

Our grain of sand in all these lives!